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Welcome to Yarra Warra Pre-School


The four year old groups at Yarra Warra Pre-school enjoy a kindergarten program with a strong teaching base influenced by a variety of pedagogy (see our centre philosophy), intentional teaching and the children’s interests. Play and learning are intertwined with strong links to literacy and numeracy, science , the creative arts, and physical and emotional development. We believe that our learning environment is inviting and is ‘the third teacher’, as are the children (and families). Engaged and interested children are the main focus of our program. Respect for each other and our environment combine to focus our learning.

Our Kindergarten program includes additional hours  in our bush kindergarten, held on the land adjoining our pre-school on the hill above the Yarra river. The land includes a fenced terrain filled with hilly and flat learning areas to explore and learn more about our natural environment, sustainability, an understanding of our ecosystem, mini beasts and other learning in our bush landscape.

Our outdoor spaces offer a vast array of possibilities not available indoors. These spaces invite open ended interactions, spontaneity, risk taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature. The community hall is attached to this land and provides shelter for inclement weather, but most sessions will be spent outdoors learning.  

Australian and International research shows that children today are spending more time indoors, in front of screens and participating in structured activities. It is documented that health problems such as anxiety and obesity are on the rise as children miss the opportunity to spend extended periods of time playing outdoors with a lack of connection with nature and the outside world. 

We want to turn this trend around and give the children of Yarra Warra Pre-school a chance to spend quality time in nature with passionate teachers to encourage children to explore and learn. Our bush kindergarten is an educational experience for pre-school children held almost exclusively outdoors. Whatever the weather children are encouraged to take the lead in playing, exploring and learning in a bush setting or natural environment.

This program is an extension of the kindergarten program and not thought of as a separate one. Staff discuss and plan daily according to children’s interests. At the end of each bush kindergarten session a daily reflection is recorded by the children and staff.

The space that is now our Bush Kinder is a credit to the amazing work and imagination of the children and their families. With inspiration from the children, a huge working bee was conducted in August 2012 to revegetate the native landscape, and create the spaces the children wanted to work in. A digging patch, some flat grassy areas, stony paths and waterways, and a table big enough for EVERYONE to sit down at!


Sincerest thanks to all who helped to make the working bee an amazing event! The Yarra Warra kinder community should be so proud of themselves for collaborating together to achieve so much. Now we watch it grow with our children......

hard yakka on a cold, cold day......

community spirit!......

stepping stones......

Yarra Warra Preschool and our Bush Kinder project have made the news!