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Welcome to Yarra Warra Pre-School
  4 Year Old Program
The four year old program continues on from the three year old journey, and embraces new children at this stage. As the children are older, more able and mature in their level of development, the expectations too increase.

Our main emphasis is on creating a caring team that respects each other and the room around them.

At the beginning of each session we meet in a circle on the mat, with points of interest in the middle of the circle to be discussed or any news individual children bring to share. This is a lovely way to learn to respect others, but also to learn about ourselves in a group setting.

After our initial discussion children are dispersed to activities. Our environment inside and out reflects the children’s developmental needs and interests; dramatic play areas, imaginative and sensory areas, creative art areas, physical growth areas, and blocks etc, and within these areas children are able to explore and learn. The children may be asked to work on a specific task (adult driven), or choose their own activity or continue to work on a set project initiated by themselves.  At the conclusion of inside time the children meet once again for a group experience, which may include music, dramatizations, movement or games. At the end of the session we conclude with a story and songs. The four year old group children are able to borrow from our kinder library once a week, enjoy P.M.P (Perceptual Motor Program) and present items of interest that they have brought from home for ‘show and tell’.

We also have an extra-curricular activity of Yoga and Wellbeing classes for the children on Mondays and Thursdays with the wonderful teacher, Mary. 
We document the children’s work so that parents are able to view the children’s work, and to collaborate with us on individual children and the group’s interests. Many families enhance our program and projects with their input and this is what makes our Kindergarten so community minded.