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Welcome to Yarra Warra Pre-School
  2018 4 Year Old Enrolment
Dear families,

Please find below important dates for you to be aware of for enrolment in Yarra Warra's 4yo program. Please remember that you must enrol for our 4yo program through Nillumbik Council.

This can be done online at this link: 

If you do not live in Nillumbik shire you can still show a connection to shire if you attend our 3yo program. This will increase your priority of access rating and support your chances of being offered a place in our 4yo program.
Please contact Michelle your 3yo Enrolment Officer at for a connection to shire certificate. 


18th April - council will send audit letter to confirm your enrolment at Yarra Warra. If you do not receive this you will not be enrolled. 

17th July - first round offers made 

31st July - final opportunity to accept 1st round offers

4th August - second round offers

18th August - third round offers

1st September - Yarra Warra receive details of accepted places

15th September - group selection and deposit forms will be sent to those who have accepted a position through council

9th October - deposits and group selection forms due date

27th October - families will receive group allocation and term 1 invoices. 

Please contact our 4yo enrolment officer, Michelle, at  or 0468 393 113. 


  4 Year Old Enrolments

To apply for our 4 year old kinder program, you need to apply through Nillumbik Council click on the Apply for Pre School tab .

The Council operates a centralized enrolment register for the shire’s kinders. Registrations open on the first business day in March each year, two years before your child is eligible to attend 4 year old kinder.

You do not need to be a resident of Nillumbik to enrol at Yarra Warra Preschool.

Priority Access

If there are more enrolments than places available, Nillumbik has a policy in place to ensure families with a connection to Nillumbik Shire are not denied access to a kindergarten place at the expense of families with no Nillumbik connection. This Policy applies to enrolments taken through their central enrolment System.

Nillumbik defines a connection as any one of the following:
  • Residency
  • Employment and / or education
  • Study
  • Existing child care arrangements
Children who have older siblings that have attended or are attending Yarra Warra will have priority. Any families believing that special circumstances may apply to them will be considered on a case by case basis.

It is important to note that families who cannot demonstrate a Nillumbik connection are not excluded from enrolment and attendance at Yarra Warra as places will continue to be offered until all have been filled.

Please understand that Yarra Warra do not control the process for 4 year old enrolment and as offers of positions for Yarra Warra are made by date of registration we strongly urge you to complete your registration form and return it on the first business day in March, two years before your child is eligible to start kinder. Please also be aware that children transferring from another Council to Nillumbik will be treated as new registrations.

An enrolment form can be picked up from the kinder or downloaded from the
For more information or to arrange an enrolment, contact 
Nillumbik Council on (03) 9433 3161 or by email at