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Welcome to Yarra Warra Pre-School
  3 Year Old Program
The three year old program consists of two sessions per week for 2 ½ hours each. 
The three-year-old program is heavily play based, as this is how children of this developmental stage learn.

Our three year old ‘Learning through Play’ philosophy consists of providing stimulating activities, planned and spontaneous, during the session, both inside and out, with a strong emphases on sensory experiences. eg. Water play, clay, sand, rice, play dough, paint salt etc.
Our play experiences also include social, dramatic and imaginative play areas, as well as providing large/whole group activities, small group play experiences, two play and solitary/quiet play areas.
We aim to stimulate fine motor skills through fun activities such as pasting/painting with a variety of tools starting with thick brushes, introducing scissors songs, rhymes with finger plays and actions eg. Incy Wincy Spider. 
Our program outside focuses on developing gross motor, coordination and social play skills with climbing, crawling, rolling, jumping with use of our P.M.P. (perceptual motor program) equipment.

The three year old session usually begins with free exploration of activities on the tables and at play areas within the room for approx 30-40 mins. We then come together on the mat for group time of singing/dancing/instruments and discussion.

We then head to the bathroom before snack time, after which we play outside. In the last half hour we again come inside for a few minutes rest, a story and songs, before going home.