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Welcome to Yarra Warra Pre-School
  3 Year Old Enrolment
When to Enrol
  • Yarra Warra Pre-School accepts enrolments from the month children turn 2 years old.  It is important to enrol soon after a child's second birthday to ensure a position is secured.
  • To apply for a place at Yarra Warra Pre-School parents need to:
    1. complete an application form online,
    2. pay the application fee of $20.
  • Following receipt of a completed application form, the child’s details will be entered onto the kindergarten database. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent with in 14 days indicating receipt of the application form.
Age Policy
  • Children must be at least 3 years old by 30th April in the year they attend 3 year old kinder.
  • Children turning 3 years old in the March and April of the year they are applying for 3 year old kinder will only be accepted following the kindergarten teachers approval after an interview/assessment in the December prior to entry.
  • Children turning 3 years old between the commencement of Term 1 and 30 April will only be able to commence the program upon their 3rd birthday. In this situation, a place will be reserved in the 3 year old program. However, it is recommended that parents of these children consult with the 3 year old teacher and/or the Centre Director prior to applying in order to determine their child’s readiness for kindergarten, and refer to our kinder readiness document.
  • Children are required to be toilet trained and out of nappies/pull-ups in order to attend.
Enrolment Priority System
When the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of places available, offers for enrolment will be given in the following order of priority:
  1. Children who have deferred.
  2. Children who are repeating for developmental reasons as recommended by the kindergarten teacher/Centre Director.
  3. Children whose siblings are past or present pupils at Yarra Warra Pre-school, sorted by application date*.
  4. Children who reside in the 3113 postcode, sorted by application date*.
  5. All other applications, sorted by application date*.
* "sorted by date application is received relative to applicant's 2nd birthday (ie. applications received in same month as a child's 2nd birthday are given highest priority)".
The Offer Process
  • Letters of offer and letters of missed offer will be sent to all parents in June of the year prior to attendance.
  • Parents will be requested to formally accept or reject an offer of placement within 14 days. Acceptance of the placement must be accompanied by a $100 non-refundable deposit (to be deducted from Term 1 fees).
  • Following formal responses from parents, any remaining places will then be offered again according to the enrolment priority system. Where more than one child has the same priority, an electronic ballot will be conducted.
  • Families will be contacted in October of the year prior to attendance to arrange preferences for kinder groups, details of orientation sessions and starting dates.
Repeats & Deferrals
  • Children who have been offered a position, which is then deferred before the commencement of Term 1, will receive a reserved place the following year.
  • Children, whose parents accept a place, and who are then assessed within the first four weeks of Term 1 by the kindergarten teacher/Centre Director as not being ready for the program, will receive a reserved place the following year if their position is deferred at that time.
  • Children whose parents accept a place and also request a second year of 3 year old kindergarten will be eligible for enrolment only if the number of applicants does not exceed the number of available places.
  • Children whose parents accept a place and who require a second year of 3 year old kindergarten for developmental reasons, as recommended by the kindergarten teacher/Centre Director, will receive a reserved place the following year.
The Fee Schedule
  • A $20 application fee must accompany each enrolment.
Families are welcome to visit Yarra Warra Pre-School. Any queries regarding enrolments can be directed to our Enrolment Officer. 

3YO Enrolment Officer

Michelle Chan
P: 0468 393 113